The Goal of Life

Do you have a goal of life?

Not a goal in life – that long list of things material or personal you wish to achieve – but of life, the goal that everything you do is aimed for.

What is the ultimate thing you want from this life? What is your purpose?

If you don’t know, ask yourself what your goals in life are for.

(Make believe example) Why go to school? To get a better job. Why get a better job? To make more money. Why make more money? To buy a nicer car and a bigger house. Why buy a nicer car and a bigger house?… Do you see where this is going?

A very good answer to the question has been known for thousands of years, but I don’t remember anyone ever teaching it to me. In fact I don’t remember anyone ever teaching me that I should have a goal of life – just goals in life.

So, what is the answer? Have you figured it out yet?

The best “Goal of Life” that I know of, is this: Tranquility. A life free from negative emotions, such as: fear, anger, sorrow, regret, shame and hatred. A life filled with positive emotions, such as: joy, happiness, peace and love.

Can you think of anything better?

When you contemplate your actions, ask yourself, “will this fill me with happiness and free me from sorrow?”


Which will make you happier: buying a house you can barely afford or learning to love a house you can afford easily?


Epictetus said that a virtuous person would amend their will to suit the world and remain “sick and yet happy, in peril and yet happy, dying and yet happy, in exile and happy, in disgrace and happy,”