Pictomaphone 1.2 Released

My first big update to Pictomaphone (version 1.2), has been released on the marketplace!

Inside this update were a bunch of small changes and some new features – the best being a somewhat limited levels control. Levels is a way better way to adjust the brightness and contrast in an image. Give it a spin!

If you already have it installed, then you should get the update notification on your phone. Otherwise, if you have a Windows Phone 7 Phone, what are you waiting for? Go download it.

Here is the link: http://windowsphone.com/s?appid=20bb9300-1ceb-43bf-a42c-68252675af65

The next update will probably be when new users have to start paying ($0.99). Updates will remain free. Its like an early adopter special!

Preview of features for version 1.3

  • Crop
  • Rectangular Selections
  • Some more filters (vintage styled stuff)
  • Rectangular Vignette
  • Faster Gaussian Blur
  • Very slight chance of some sort of noise reduction
    • I’ve been reading some research papers on the subject
I’ve also been drawing up preliminary plans for a tablet version (Pictomapad?). Due to the increase in screen space, there is so much more I can do with the program. It’s getting me all excited :)

Pictomaphone 1.2 Submitted

I wonder how many bugs I’ll find after-the-fact this time, hahaha. Seriously, it is like, a rule, that things will pop up right after it gets released. No matter the fact that I’ve used it every day for weeks and been over every feature a hundred times. Developers just don’t make great testers…

Anyway, I’ve put out a new version, with a bunch of updates.

Here’s the summary:

  • Made panning around the image in Preview mode work better
  • Added Horizontal and Vertical Flip (in the rotate screen)
  • Added “Revert” to previous save
  • Made the App always remember the last photo you were working on
    • This was my cheap way to make task switching work
    • It also made development easier ;)
  • Added Levels
    • But they only work on the Composite Channel
    • And the UI is nothing like any other image editing software… someday.
  • Switched “Gritty Contrast” to “Channel Overlay”
    • All it really did before was Overlay the Green channel over the image
    • Now you can pick between Lightness, Luma, Red, Green and Blue
  • Fixed Color Filter
    • It was ugly and useless before
    • Now it is very much better looking
  • Added Solarize
  • Added Posterize
  • Added Box Blur
    • I know the blurs seem weird (why would you want your picture to be more blurry) but they are building blocks for future effects
  • Added Frosted Glass
    • Not sure why you would use it, but it is fun and took all of about 2 minutes to code
  • Added Square Borders
    • Selecting the color is lame right now, I need to write a color picker control
  • Added Cross-Process
    • This is the first in a line of cool Filters that I am working on
    • Unfortunately, the others weren’t ready, and I needed to put an update out.

I also did some crazy stuff, like rewrite the entire image processing layer. Whew, it made it way easier to add updates, but took a while. I think it is slightly faster now too.

I also think I have one of the fasted Box Blurs around – even if it is totally useless in a phone photo app. It’ll be more useful when I add selections, then you can blur your junk (or face) out before tweeting incriminating photos – I’m looking at you Wiener!

Also, internally, there is a full implementation of Levels (for all channels) and Curves (for all channels). I need to build some cool UI components for them. Curves is used in the Cross-Process filter, and I think I need optimize it a little still.

One last thing, I moved all the text into a resource file, so in the future I can localize for other languages. All the internal code was already globally aware (thanks to years of writing against FX Cop rules).


Current Future Plans (subject to change):

  • Add Crop
  • Add Rectangle Selections
    • I have to make the UI for crop anyway :)
  • Add an option for Square Vignettes
  • Finish working on some cool vintage looking filters

Let me know if there are requests!

Fremont Troll 3D

Have you seen those 3D animated GIFs that people sometimes make? Where you take 2 photos and switch between them really fast to make an image almost-kinda-sorta appear 3D… I have – and I wanted to make one. I happened to be out and about showing a friend from Cincinnati around Seattle, and we stopped by the Fremont Troll, and I took this.

Fremont Troll 3D Animated GIF

AHH, its attacking!

I probably shouldn’t have taken the two pictures so far apart… it screws up the perspective a bit and makes the troll seem tinier than it really is.

As a side note: I tried uploading this to Flickr, and it didn’t animate! Sad Jermismo.