Site Outage

Oops, I killed this site for a little bit this morning. I was probably the only one trying to view it, so really I was only hurting myself.

Note to self, do not try to redirect the site to itself through Dream Host’s admin panel…


So, for a while I had the blog set to turn off comments after 14 days – in order to reduce the amount of spam I have to deal with.

After reviewing the page-view history, though, it became apparent that most pages are viewed more heavily after that time limit…

So0000… I’ve changed the posts to allow comments for 365 days instead. COMMENT AWAY!

P.S. For those of you who gets links from me on Facebook (about 35% of the traffic), please comment ON THE BLOG. I do enjoy the Facebook comments, but not everyone follows me on Facebook, so I think the overall community of comments will be better served by just staying on the blog.


Updated Styles


After many weeks for puttering around and trying different things out – I’ve finished version 1 of my site theme!

I’ve learned a valuable lesson: making WordPress themes can be kind of a pain when you don’t have a local copy running. That meant lots of uploading very small CSS and PHP changes to the staging site just to see how they look.

Oh, well. It is up now and I can finally get around to making informative and entertaining posts.

Site Style Updates

I’ve finally redone the styles on the main page. Now the work begins to style the blog. I’ve never done any work with WordPress themes or PHP, so it should be interesting :)

On the styles for the main page, I picked blue and a reddish orange color as the main colors for the site. I like blue and I feel like that plus the red give it the feel of a super patriot political site – or a superman site. I’m not really sure, but I like it.

I used CSS 3 to get rounded corners on the main area and the bottom of the navigation. I’m a little sad that it doesn’t work in IE, but I’d rather not go through the messy hassle of doing rounded corners the “old way.” Besides, this isn’t a paid professional job I’m doing, its my personal website and I think I can get away with a non-IE style. Besides, IE 9 will be coming out eventually and it should handle the round corners just fine (it had better!).

I also used a little JavaScript to change the “powered by” text in the page footer. There aren’t many items in there right now, I wasn’t feeling overly funny when I wrote it up :) Suggestions are welcome.