Pictomaphone 1.4 Submitted

Hey all, last night I pushed out the update for Pictomaphone 1.4 to Microsoft.

Here’s what coming down the pike:

  • A Save Dialog. Gone are the pop-ups, now you can choose between “Saved Photos” and “Camera Roll”, enter your own File Name, and choose the JPEG quality.
  • Slightly better EXIF handling. Almost every exception message I got was from people opening photos with bad exif data, so I’ve handled those errors better. No more crashing.
  • Intensity slider for Photo Filters. You can now do half-brawny if you want.
  • Little UI tweaks to make things line up better.
  • Display Settings page that lets you control how the Effect Lists look. You can change the background color and turn icons and descriptions on or off.
  • The Unhandled Exceptions message is now localized. I only speak English, so the grammar is probably horribly incorrect in other languages – but I tried :)


The other big change is…

Pictomaphone is now $1.99 USD. Unfortunately, developing apps for WP7 isn’t free. It costs $100 USD a year just to submit them to MSFT, and I’ve spent thousands of hours of my precious free-time working on the app.


There is a trial mode. It is fully-functional. You can use it for free as long as you want. You don’t have to pay, but I sure would appreciate it. The only difference in the trial mode is that there is a nag screen every 2 weeks.

I don’t think this will affect people who got the free version. My understanding is that downloading it while it was free counts as buying it. So, only new users will be affected. I consider it a thank you to all the people who gave my little photo editing app a chance and gave me feedback on how I could improve it.

P.S. Pictomaphone has more than 40,000 downloads world-wide. Awesome!