2 Weeks of Pictomaphone Sales

On March 10th, Pictomaphone hit the Windows Marketplace as a paid app ($1.99 USD). Since the marketplace data runs a week or so behind, it wasn’t until today that I could see the results of the first 2 weeks of sales.

Total Non-Paid Downloads (free and trial) were: 5,078.

Total Paid Downloads were: 172.

That gives Pictomaphone a purchase rate of about 1 in 30. Not horrible, but I’d rather it were around 1 in 10.

The top countries that purchased the app were:

  1. United States – 103
  2. Germany- 23
  3. Italy – 15
  4. United Kingdom – 13
  5. Spain – 6

Guess what languages I’m going to translate it into first? If you guessed German, Italian and Spanish – then you got the hang of how I’m doing this. I’m still not sure when I will do the translations, probably after the next release. Effects before words.

I’m wondering now if more people would have purchased it for a dollar. I’m going to see if there is an uptick in sales in the 3rd week – after most users would have seen their first nag screen. I may end up lower the price with the next release, mainly because I’ve already made back what it cost me to publish the app (although I haven’t seen that money yet).

So far, I think the experiment of offering a fully-functional trial is going well. 1 in 30 isn’t bad when you consider there really isn’t an incentive to purchase – other than to be nice.