Pictomaphone 1.3 Submitted

I’ve submitted the next update to Pictomaphone to the marketplace. It should be out to users by the end of the week! Pictomaphone is one of the most popular free photo apps for Windows Phone. Hopefully this update will push it closer to the top of the list…

What is new?

I’ve made some pretty good additions to the app :)

1) Crop. Everyone wanted it, now it is here — rule of thirds grid, predefined aspect ratios + free-form.

2) Resize. Because I was asked for it on Twitter and it was easy to do. Always keeps the original aspect ratio.

3) Color Balance. Because it makes fixing colors easier.

4) Lightness Mode in Posterize. Because sometimes it looks better and I knew how to do it.

5) View EXIF Data. It still can’t save it with the image – but you can at least see what it originally was.

6) About Page. Has some contact info for me.

7) More Filters: Country, Brawny, Sunday Morning, Summer Forest and Old New York. I made the names up.

8) And of course – a ton of performance enhancements to make the app run even faster.

Why did it take so long?

Well, for one, I do have other things going on – like a job that pays. Also, those performance enhancements took some research and fiddling around to get right. I pretty much rewrote the whole backend of the App – for the 3rd time. This is the last time, though. I don’t think I can squeeze any more noticeable gains unless Microsoft decides to allow custom Pixel Shaders.


Wait for the update. Then, if you haven’t rated it yet, or rated it less than 5 stars, fix that :)