Pictomaphone 1.2 Released

My first big update to Pictomaphone (version 1.2), has been released on the marketplace!

Inside this update were a bunch of small changes and some new features – the best being a somewhat limited levels control. Levels is a way better way to adjust the brightness and contrast in an image. Give it a spin!

If you already have it installed, then you should get the update notification on your phone. Otherwise, if you have a Windows Phone 7 Phone, what are you waiting for? Go download it.

Here is the link: http://windowsphone.com/s?appid=20bb9300-1ceb-43bf-a42c-68252675af65

The next update will probably be when new users have to start paying ($0.99). Updates will remain free. Its like an early adopter special!

Preview of features for version 1.3

  • Crop
  • Rectangular Selections
  • Some more filters (vintage styled stuff)
  • Rectangular Vignette
  • Faster Gaussian Blur
  • Very slight chance of some sort of noise reduction
    • I’ve been reading some research papers on the subject
I’ve also been drawing up preliminary plans for a tablet version (Pictomapad?). Due to the increase in screen space, there is so much more I can do with the program. It’s getting me all excited :)

2 thoughts on “Pictomaphone 1.2 Released

  1. Hello,

    For quite some time I’ve been looking for an image viewer App. on the Windows Phone 7.5 platform, that will give me the ability to zoom in a lot more into the picture than the default image viewer. So far, your App. beats all by far; however, i’m still looking for about 30% more zoom power to come close to the web image viewer built into IE9. I’m trying to save large format images (34″x44″) on the phone for off-line viewing.
    Are you able to increase the zoom level within your App? I cannot tell you how important this feature is to our business; the ability to carry with you large format drawings to the construction site or meetings, where you will have the ability to preview drawings on the fly without any concern about internet connection and speed.

    Sami Achkar
    Livingston Electrical

    • Right now I have the max zoom set at 2x max. I can, of course adjust that in another release if you like.

      One problem though, the WP7 API will not give an application the full-size image stored on the device. All images that an app opens are resized to about 2 megapixels (I forget the exact dimensions). So, if you are trying to view a fullsize 34″x44″ image 72 dpi, it will get resized a little. If your images are 96 dpi, they will be resized almost in half.

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