Pictomaphone Update 1

The first update to Pictomaphone just passed certification and was published to the marketplace. People who have downloaded the app should get the update pushed to their phones soon(ish).

What was in the update:

Just a single bug fix. But, the bug caused the app to crash. What happened?

If you went into the view screen, turned the phone sideways, and then hit the back button – the app would crash.

Well, that is weird!

Turns out, I had an event handler watching for when the layout changed (like switching from portrait to landscape) that did some stuff to the image. The event handle would fire when the page was navigated away from and the image was null. So, I had to put a little check in there.

Luckily, I found the bug first. Unluckily, other people found it before the patch went out.

What is in the next update:

I’m going through and refactoring a bunch of code so that it is easier to add effects in the future. I also built a whole new framework for handling images that uses Vector4′s instead of 4 ints to represent a color. With the new SIMD Vector instructions added in Mango, this should speed up some, if not all, the effects.

I’ve also added Solarize and Posterize to the Adjustments menu.

I also want to add crop – but that means creating controls that can handle selections – so I’ll probably leave that for update 3. Once the framework for selections is in place, I can do all sorts of neat stuff.


I’m going to try to stick to releasing an update every week or two – in the short term. The app is still free, for now.

I’m trying to decide when I should start charging, and if/how I can keep a free version around.