Pictomaphone 1.2 Submitted

I wonder how many bugs I’ll find after-the-fact this time, hahaha. Seriously, it is like, a rule, that things will pop up right after it gets released. No matter the fact that I’ve used it every day for weeks and been over every feature a hundred times. Developers just don’t make great testers…

Anyway, I’ve put out a new version, with a bunch of updates.

Here’s the summary:

  • Made panning around the image in Preview mode work better
  • Added Horizontal and Vertical Flip (in the rotate screen)
  • Added “Revert” to previous save
  • Made the App always remember the last photo you were working on
    • This was my cheap way to make task switching work
    • It also made development easier ;)
  • Added Levels
    • But they only work on the Composite Channel
    • And the UI is nothing like any other image editing software… someday.
  • Switched “Gritty Contrast” to “Channel Overlay”
    • All it really did before was Overlay the Green channel over the image
    • Now you can pick between Lightness, Luma, Red, Green and Blue
  • Fixed Color Filter
    • It was ugly and useless before
    • Now it is very much better looking
  • Added Solarize
  • Added Posterize
  • Added Box Blur
    • I know the blurs seem weird (why would you want your picture to be more blurry) but they are building blocks for future effects
  • Added Frosted Glass
    • Not sure why you would use it, but it is fun and took all of about 2 minutes to code
  • Added Square Borders
    • Selecting the color is lame right now, I need to write a color picker control
  • Added Cross-Process
    • This is the first in a line of cool Filters that I am working on
    • Unfortunately, the others weren’t ready, and I needed to put an update out.

I also did some crazy stuff, like rewrite the entire image processing layer. Whew, it made it way easier to add updates, but took a while. I think it is slightly faster now too.

I also think I have one of the fasted Box Blurs around – even if it is totally useless in a phone photo app. It’ll be more useful when I add selections, then you can blur your junk (or face) out before tweeting incriminating photos – I’m looking at you Wiener!

Also, internally, there is a full implementation of Levels (for all channels) and Curves (for all channels). I need to build some cool UI components for them. Curves is used in the Cross-Process filter, and I think I need optimize it a little still.

One last thing, I moved all the text into a resource file, so in the future I can localize for other languages. All the internal code was already globally aware (thanks to years of writing against FX Cop rules).


Current Future Plans (subject to change):

  • Add Crop
  • Add Rectangle Selections
    • I have to make the UI for crop anyway :)
  • Add an option for Square Vignettes
  • Finish working on some cool vintage looking filters

Let me know if there are requests!