My Name is Micheal Bay

(and I just fucked your girlfriend.)

This is a hilarious, yet subtley eye opening post on The Last Psychiatrist blog. It had me laughing and saying “oh snap” to myself all the way down. Eat shit, us. We all suck.

You memorize movie reviews?

I know everything, I’m Michael Bay. My game is tight. I’m the guy who sees you and your girlfriend at a bar, and I roll up and say, “Hi, I’m Michael Bay, I’m going to fuck your girlfriend” and you guys just giggle because you’re too much of a pussy to tell me to fuck off. I buy you guys some drinks, tell a few jokes, next thing you know you’re waiting up and I’m inside your girlfriend. Everybody wins. I give you what you want, I take what I want, and everyone hates me because it all seems so easy.

So they hate on me, as if they could be me but choose not to. Come on. Haters gonna hate, and haters’ girlfriends gonna cheat.

My Name is Micheal Bay and I Just Fucked Your Girlfriend via The Last Psychiatrist.