(Mostly) Debt Free!

Today, I paid off the last of my credit card debt. I feel warm and squishy inside – metaphorically and probably literally, too.

I never wanted debt, but after years of being a poor college student – followed by being a newly minted professional with a staggeringly low salary – I ended up with some anyway.

Two years ago I started a debt snowball – paying the minimum amount on all of my accounts except the one with the highest interest. Then when one was paid off, rolling the money that was going to pay it into the next highest interest rate debt.

The reason the (mostly) is in the title, is that I still have a student loan. But, the interest is so low on it that it hardly compares to the other accounts. I plan to have the student loan paid off in the next couple years, but I’m hardly in a rush like I was with my other accounts.

Now, to save up for a down payment on a house. I feel so grown up :/

Note to self: don’t get into debt again.