MoveOn Supporter Brutaly Attacked by Rand Paul Supporters?

The headline for the article in The Atlantic suggests that this is a brutal attack… I think everyone is going overboard.

First, the Rand Paul Supporter went overboard. There is no reason to put your hands on someone over a political difference. That is counter productive. If you want to be taken seriously, you shouldn’t go out of your way to show how crazy you are. Now everyone gets to say, “did you see those Rand Paul supporters? They are nuts!” Now the conversation isn’t about why you support Rand Paul, now it is about his angry mob of followers.

Second, the news is going overboard. Let’s not sensationalize this. She wasn’t “brutally” attacked. It wasn’t an American History X style curb-stomping. It was very rude – and probably frightening for the girl – but in the interview at the end she appears fine. Not even upset.

Here, just watch:

Okay, it is sad that this would happen, horrible even. But, to be honest, it is kind of expected. Our whole political system, from the Politicians to the News organizations, has got everyone stirred up into a frenzy. You can’t villainize the opposition and expect people to not treat them like villains. Mix that with a healthy dose of Narcissism and this is the outcome.