Biostar ate my Audio.

I recently purchased a Biostar MCP6PB M2+ motherboard. All said, it has worked like a dream…

That is, until I wanted to record something. The default Microsoft HD Audio driver would not give me any microphone inputs (none detected). Easy enough, I thought, I would just go to the Biostar website and look up the drivers from them.

So, I did that. Downloaded the drivers from their site for the Realtek ALC662 audio chip that came on the board. They didn’t work, at all. So, I thought maybe their version was out of date, so I went to Realtek’s site and downloaded the latest from them.

Those didn’t work either. No sound, nothing. Got a code 10 error (driver failed to start) and that was all the information I had. So, I went out to the internet and found that lots of people were having trouble with this audio chipset under Windows 7. There were several suggestions, like run the installer in Vista compatibility mode, and none of them worked for me.

Eventually, I ended up pulling the side off of my computer case, and with a flashlight, went looking for the chip. My main thought was to look up the extra series code on the chip to see if I could find anything out about specific problems… I knew the chipset worked, I got audio under the Microsoft drivers, but the Realtek drivers would never load for me.

I pointed the light to where the Realtek chip was supposed to be according to the manual for my board. It wasn’t there… I looked more closely, there was a chip, but it was a Via chip. Curious.

I looked up the chip online, Via VT1708B and it turns out it is an audio chipset. I downloaded the drivers for it and they worked perfect. I now have speaker output and microphone input.

WTF! Biostar used a completely different chipset than what all their documentation said. If I hadn’t been as curious as I was to peek into the bowels of my computer, I would have never known. I may have spent days trying to get drivers to load (I already have spent days at this point).

Thanks Biostar!