Mosque Update

I have some further comments on the NYC Mosque and some more information for people against it to consider.

First, I’d like to make something perfectly clear. The members of Al Qaeda, the group behind the WTC attack, are Muslim — but, not all Muslim people are part of Al Qaeda. The two groups are not mutually inclusive. In fact, not all Muslim people are from the Middle East and not all people in the Middle East are Muslim. I know it sounds crazy, but it is true!

Some interesting numbers:

  • Total Muslims worldwide – 1.2 billion or 19% of the World’s population (as of 2005)
  • Total Muslims in Middle East – 329 million or 90% of the Middle East Population of 364 million (as of 2005)
  • Total Muslims in U.S. – 4.82 million or 1.6% of the U.S. population of 312 million (as of 2005)

The rest of the U.S. breakdown:

  • 84% are Christian (about 50% of them actually go to church)
  • 1.9% are Jewish
  • 0.91% are Buddhist
  • 0.39 are of various ethnic religions
  • 11.2 percent are other/non religious

Take those numbers however you like, but most Muslims aren’t even in the Middle East. It is a huge world-wide religion and it’s not going anywhere. No matter how afraid you are of the few zealots, you can’t dismiss 19% of the World’s population as being probable terrorists.  It just won’t work.

So when are we, as a Nation, going to finally drop this whole hatred of Islam thing?

I know many people are claiming that they don’t hate Islam, but don’t want the Mosque built because it is disrespectful. I don’t buy it, not for a second. The people building the Mosque are not terrorists, were not involved in the attacks and members of their community were even in the towers working as they fell.

This isn’t a Victory Mosque, or some kind of Memorial to Al Qaeda, but just an Islamic church and community center. That’s all it is. They get built all the time all over the Nation – all over the World. It isn’t even the only Mosque within 2 blocks of the WTC ruins. Did you know that? There is already one from before the attacks, still there, still having services.

If you don’t like Islam, then don’t convert. It is really that simple.

And to the people who try to liken this to WWII and Pearl Harbor – there is a Buddhist Temple about as close as you can get to the water. Several Shinto Shrines aren’t too far away either. Do you know why? There are a ton of Japanese people who live in Hawaii, just like there are a ton of Muslim people in NYC. Both populations were there before the attacks and both are around still around now.

They aren’t going anywhere. It is time to stop the silly, childish, my dad can beat up your dad crap. We are all here, we are all Americans and we need to start supporting each other, because in America everyone is equal and we are all in this together and we have way bigger things to worry about.

Such as – when are we going to build a real memorial on the rubble pile that used to be the WTC? It has been 9 fucking years! How is that not disrespectful?